How to use Fireball Wand

Dear customer.

Welcome to buy the fireball wand made by our company.

Please read this document carefully before using it. Thank you.

We will test each wand before shipping to ensure that it can be used normally before we ship it!

How to use:

Cut the thoroughly dried flame paper into 10cm*2cm pieces, (some are already cut)

Step 1: Tear off a square piece of paper, about 2cm*2cm. Roll him into a long, thin paper roll and gently place it inside the wand launch port, making sure the bottom of the paper roll is in contact with the heating filament inside the wand. Please do not stuff it very tightly or stuff it with paper balls.

Step 2: The rest of the flame paper, about 8cm * 2cm. roll the bottom of the flame paper into a thin paper roll, stuffed into the wand, the remaining paper roll gently stuffed into the wand mouth with tools, after installation is complete, press the button on the side of the wand to launch the fireball, press 1 second and release, do not press the button for more than 2 seconds to prevent damage to the wand heat pipe.

After use, please keep the wand in a safe place.

If you are still not sure, you can watch our instructional video

How to charge.

Please connect the charging cable to the charging port at the bottom of the wand, the red light means it still needs to be charged, the green light means the charging is complete, please charge the wand for 30 minutes for the first time to ensure it has enough power for normal use.


  1. Minors are not allowed to use the wand alone and need to operate under the supervision of a guardian.
  2. Please read the instructions and instructional video carefully before use!
  3. Please do not fire the wand at people, the first time you use it, please face the mirror or open space to use, to prevent disaster.

Most frequent questions and answers

Q: Why I press the button and nothing happened?


First, you need to fully charge the wand before using it.

—If there is no power, the wand will not work

Second, turn on the switch at the bottom, press the button against the mirror and check if there is a red light in the center part of the wand. (Do not put in flashing paper)

—If there is no red light, the wand transmitter is damaged, please contact us for help.

Third, check if the top of the wand is hot.

—If wand is not hot, the wand transmitter is damaged, please contact us for help.


Allow the Flash paper to dry completely

—If the flash paper is wet, the fireball will not shoot.


Tear the Flash paper into a small piece, put it into the wand, and press the button to launch the fireball.